How Trapeze Can Help You Get Fit: Student Spotlight on Liz

Trapeze is shown to have a positive impact on our physical and mental health. 

Today’s student spotlight introduces Liz, a new student and mother to two young children, who’s experienced these positive effects first-hand.

Liz walked into her first Circus Glory class without the skills or strength to get on the trapeze. Furthermore, some extra weight added to the challenge. 

However, Liz didn’t use this as an excuse to give up. Quite the opposite, instead it motivated her to improve, which she did with remarkable results.

In seven months, Liz has become stronger, lighter and very good at trapeze. 

Here is our interview with her:

- Tell us about your journey with trapeze. How did it all start? 

Liz: “I was introduced Circus Glory through my three-year-old daughter, who attends the children classes. I would watch her class and think, ‘this looks like so much fun.’ 

One day we arrived early and noticed the adult trapeze class.  I was intrigued. 

Then I came across a flyer for the intro offer for new students and thought, ‘what do I have to lose? I’m going to give it a try.’ 

Despite being terrible, I loved it.  The class was fun, Genevieve is a great teacher and the other students were really supportive.  But what I liked the most was the challenge. “

- Yes, because trapeze can be quite challenging at the beginning. 

Liz: “It was hard at the beginning. Despite regular personal training sessions, I didn’t have the strength required for trapeze, and I was carrying a bit of extra weight, which didn’t help. Furthermore, I was completely unfamiliar with the moves. “

- How did you overcome this and what kept you motivated? 

Liz: “My ego – I was sick of feeling like the worst in the class, and I knew I could do better. 

Wanting to improve changed everything for me. I realised in order to be better I need to be stronger and lighter. So I started attending classes twice a week and changed the structure of my personal training sessions, focusing on the gymnastic strength required for static trapeze. I also changed my eating habits, cutting out junk food that was weighing me down.”

- Could I ask you how much weight you have lost in the process? 

“It’s hard to say how much I’ve lost because I’ve put on muscle, which weighs more than fat, but I can tell by how my clothes fit that I’ve become leaner. 

For me it’s not about what I’ve lost, it’s what I’ve gained: strength, confidence and happiness. I am in better shape than when I started. I tried something new, faced a challenge and persevered. And, I’ve met a lot of amazing people in the process. “

Thank you Liz for sharing your story! You are a great example of how trapeze can work wonders for people of all ages, shapes and abilities. We very much hope it will inspire people to try trapeze, take on a new challenge and improve their quality of life.