How Trapeze Can Help You Lose Wight

Regular exercise on trapeze can do wonders for losing weight if one can keep a positive and persistent frame of mind. All regular students at our trapeze classes in Primrose Hill have gone through the journey of learning trapeze skills while becoming fitter and stronger in the process.

Trapeze requires variety of skills from strength to stamina, flexibility, artistry and dance. It takes a normal body exercising to the next level by making it a great weight loss motivator.

Most importantly, it gives people a psychological trick that makes weight-loss much more effective. When training on trapeze, people have a natural urge to feel lighter (you are moving your body weight in the air after all!) and be able to do the tricks/moves on trapeze (which can be challenging at first). This triggers a brain into a higher level thinking when our focus suddenly shifts from ‘I’m fat/I need to lose weight’ into being able to be light and perform to the best of our abilities. This kind of frame of mind combined with regular exercises, naturally makes changes in people’s eating habits and motivate them to stay light and active… yes you guessed it.. a perfect recipe for loosing weight!

To illustrate this with a real life example, one of our adult students have worked with a personal trainer for 2 years to lose baby weight with no success.. until she came to our trapeze classes. She was so inspired by what can be done, she completely shifted her focus from ‘losing weight’ into ‘I want to be able to do this!’. After 6 months of classes, she lost a stone, can do all the immediate trapeze routines and most importantly she is looking and feeling happier than she ever was!

If you want to experience what it feels like, Circus Glory runs a special offer for new students. First class is only £14.99 so you can get a taste of how it feels to be in the air and how your mindset naturally changes.

To enquire or book a first class, just email and quote ‘intro offer’.