Trapeze Work Out at Circus Glory

Our Trapeze workout is different every time. Never boring or the same, all participants have a chance to experience the unusual blend of movement, fitness, dance and circus thought by Genevieve Monastesse (who is one of the leading trapeze teachers in Europe and ex-performed herself at Circus de Solei and many other shows!).

Each class consist of a routine that is made of different trapeze moves and tricks put together. The group is taken through them all, learning and practicing 3-4 tricks per class on average. Every participant receives personal attention and tips from Genevieve (yes you will have your one-to-one time with Genevieve herself during a group class), that allows to adopt the routine to individual needs, correct your technique and enable you to progress much faster.

Because of the individual attention, it works well for beginners who can practice basic moves as well as intermediate and advance students that can learn progressions from each pose.

Trapeze workout is one of the most accessible circus acts for people and a great way to start aerial and acrobatics. Because it involves a bar where you can sit on and rest on, it is a great way to build up skills and strength needed for aerial and more advanced moves and routines. If you look at people that perform on trapeze, you will notice a strong stomach, great upper body as well as beautiful flexibility. 

Adult trapeze classes are run 3 times a week at Circus Glory, Primrose Hill including:

MONDAYS 1:30pm – 2:45pm
WEDNESDAYS 1:00pm - 2:15pm
FRDAYS 1:30pm - 2:45pm

Trial class: £21 (75 min)
Class carnet: £187.50 for 10 classes used within 11 weeks (£18.7 per class)

To see the exact location and book your first class with Genevieve, please click here.