Top 4 Circus Insights That You Should Know

Circus acts from trapeze to silks, hoops, ropes and straps look exceptional in person or in the photo, but only once you start doing it yourself, you will realise what it really takes to make it happen. So especially for those at the beginning of the journey, here are 4 circus insights that you should know:

1. New Tricks and Poses Take Time To Learn
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced circus fans, you will realise that all those amazing new tricks that you saw on the internet are not as easy as they look like. To make the move look effortless, you need to practice it until it becomes almost automatic. Sadly it doesn't happen overnight so circus is definitely for those patient and determined.  

2. Circus Hurts
Yes, it does hurt. Your body may get bruises, hand calluses and you can be very sore the next day -  it is not a sport for softies, after all you are hanging in the air and all your weight is being supported by whatever body part you are using (one hand hang for 30sec anyone?).

3. It Does Get Better
Once you commit and keep doing it, you body will naturally get used to the constant challenges that are being thrown at it. You will notice you are getting used to pain (yes you can last much longer in that uncomfortable position or just don't feel the pain anymore), your calluses can actually serve you (by providing a better grip and protection for your palms) and everything seems to come together more effortless every time you repeat it. 

4. Breaks and Stops Will Put You At The Disadvantage
Unfortunately if you take a break from your circus training, you will loose strength and muscle memory (especially for the moves that haven't become a second nature yet). You will simply not be in the same place where you stopped - it may feel you went backwards and need to start again at much lower level. This is normal as our bodies go back to 'standard' tasks and forget the skills we don't practice. Good news is that it all comes back (a little bit like ridding a bike), even if you seem slow and clumsy again on the first class after a break, after one more class or two, most of your skills will start to come back again.

I hope the above insights will help you on your circus or trapeze journey! If you know any more tips that would be worth sharing, please comment below!