5 Tips to Make The Most Of Your Trapeze Classes

Over the years, we had many students who joined our Trapeze School in Primrose Hill to become healthier, fitted and fulfilled or to train as a professional trapeze performers. It is easy to see that some students make more progress than others and to help you make the most of your classes, we wanted to share our top tips with you!

  1. Commit
    This is one of the fundaments to see progress in any new skills, hence it is our number 1. Commit to regular trapeze training, at least once a week or twice a week (for leisure training) or more (for professional performers) to see a gradual change. Your body and mind needs repetition to remember new moves and skills.. once you passed that and you get comfortable performing your favourite tricks, they will naturally become more fluid and beautiful.

    A point that is needed here is also the fact that when you break a routine and have a break in your practice, your performance will be affected. It takes time to get back to old moves, not only for your brain to remember them but also for your body to execute them. We had students coming back after a few months break or just attending classes sporadically, being hard on themselves that they can't perform certain tricks they used to... there is only one solution to that and it's what this whole point refers to: a regular training practice!
  2. Be Patient
    Whether you are starting your trapeze journey, joined after a break or are training towards a professional goal, being patient is the key! It also links to the above point about regular training. Combine those two together, give it time and it is inevitable that you will get better. Depending on a trick you want to execute and your body abilities, it can take up to 2-3 classes to 'get' the move or for more hard core tricks even years ('back balance' position anyone?)
  3. Stretch
    For a great trapeze performance, stretching is at utmost importance, almost much as important as building strength, because the more flexible you become the more moves you are going to be able to do. So developing good stretching habits go hand in hand with doing trapeze classes which includes full stretch after the class (which we do at Circus Glory anyway) as well as your independent stretching i.e. if you feel sore the next day after your training or want to work towards beautiful backbends and split moves (those will not happen by magic!)
  4. Be Healthy
    Eating and drinking the right things make a great difference to your performance. Starting from water, aim to always stay hydrated and drink lots of fluids throughout your day and especially during and after your trapeze class. Same goes to food - fuel yourself with food that nourishes you before the class (ideally something light so you comfortable going in the air afterwards) as well after the training (muscle repair time!). Sleep also plays an important role, so make sure you have a good night of sleep before your training and also afterwards to speed up your recovery.
  5. Give Yourself a Break
    Yes, last and very important point.. don't be too hard on yourself. We all do that, especially mentally. Don't beat yourself up that you are not yet able to do what others can in the class - chances are, they have been practicing trapeze much longer than you! We have some student training with circus Glory for over 4 years which can be as intimidating as well as inspiring. Also, don't beat yourself up after you had a break and can see yourself being weaker and less able to perform to high standard you used to, it is normal and once you commit to a regular routine again (see point no.1 !) you will be flying high in no time! Finally, physical break is also needed to keep training well. Regardless if you have a full job or train frequently professionally, have at least one day off a week where you give your body (and mind!) a break while nourishing it with good food and rest  - your body will say thank you with more strength and eagerness on your next training session!

We hope that the above will help you make the most of our trapeze classes regardless what's your level. See you at the studio!